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Bashundhara Brown Atta (1 kg)

Bashundhara Brown Atta (1 kg)
Bashundhara Brown Atta (1 kg)
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  • Model: Bashundhara Brown Atta (1 kg)

About Bashundhara Atta:

The finest wheat flour is produced using the best automatic European technology

Extracted from the finest and selected wheat grains from Europe, Australia & North America.

Processed through several automatic cleaning stages to get rid of any contamination present.

Known for its use as the core baking ingredients, Bashundhara Atta is the ultimate health choice for the making of rotis, biscuits, cakes, and so many more.

Has low gluten content which makes it eligible for consumption by everyone in a household.

Provides a healthy source of dietary iron and fiber.

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